dreams come true

Sometimes dreams do come true. I am typing this while sitting on a sleeping bag spread out on the floor of a sweet little cabin a few miles south of Twisp – a cabin that will be our home for the next 10 months.

Yes, we are actually – finally – moving to the Methow Valley. Or, as my husband prefers to tell everyone, we have already moved here. As he sees it, we just need to come back to Seattle once or twice to collect the remainder of our belongings and clean out our apartment. In reality, we will probably end up spending most of month of January in the city, as getting rid of stuff, packing and cleaning always takes longer than anticipated. However, a month from today, we will have no choice but to be here in the Methow, as we need to hand over the keys to our city apartment to the landlord by 9 pm on January 31.


looking out the living room window on our first morning in the new house

With just over an hour left of 2015, I can’t wait to see what the coming year brings. There will be challenges, sure, but there will also be exciting discoveries and amazing beauty. If our first night and first morning at the cabin are any indication of what’s to come, then all will be well. Soaking in a tub in a bathroom filled with the fragrance of warm wood while looking through the window at the rising moon, or waking up to the view in the photo above can’t be beat.


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