a (winding) path emerges

It is the first day after the winter solstice, when daylight begins, slowly but surely, to grind away at nighttime darkness. As if to illustrate, I woke up to a bright pink sunrise this morning, the first I’ve seen in a long time. For the most part our recent sunrises have either been unremarkably white-gray due to heavy cloud cover, or, occasionally, the classic golden orb rising in a perfectly clear sky that slowly changes from the palest blue to a deep cobalt.

For me, like for many others, natural turning points such as the solstice, the equinox, or the end of one year and the beginning of another serve as points of reflection, of taking stock and summing up, and looking ahead. That’s when I seem to remember about this blog most frequently. So, where are we as of December 22, 2018? Continue reading