finally, a photo!

This is just to say that I found quite a treasure trove of photos we’d taken on our first-ever trip to the Methow Valley in 2010, so finally I have some images to liven up this blog! Here is one from Mazama. I love the light in the valley. It seems to be particularly dramatic in the fall and spring, when the change in seasons means clouds frequently passing overhead, blown into various shapes and directions by the wind, ranging in color from pure white to leaden gray/blue, with bright golden light streaming from patches of azure opening up here and there.

tentative movement

A few things to report since I last posted about a month ago:

  • We went on a spontaneous camping trip in – or, rather, near – the Methow Valley over Labor Day weekend. Because we hadn’t planned to do this at all, it felt like a special treat, and also somehow surreal.

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