First post

It’s so hard to know what to write in my first blog post… I’ve been sitting here for at least half an hour now, typing a few words and erasing, taking multiple breaks to check Facebook and email, then coming back to stare at the screen again and type and erase some more. (And, here I go again – just took a break to check the weather forecast online.) This blog is meant to chronicle a journey, a process, and because this process has barely gotten off the ground, there just isn’t much to say as of yet. For now, the best place to start seems to be to expand a bit upon this blog’s “About” page, explaining why MethowBound is out here (out there?) and what I hope to accomplish by writing this blog.

My three four goals in writing this blog (and no, I didn’t start out by sitting down and actually making a list of goals before starting; Goal #1 came first, and others followed later) are:

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