Be careful what you wish for, they say 🙂

Little did I know, when I was typing my last post a little over a year ago, that the day I composed it would be the day that I would become pregnant with my son, who is now snoring into my chest in a baby carrier as I write this.

Amazing how things work out sometimes, huh?

Obviously, with a baby, there is little time to write or even just reflect on things much, between playtime and naptime and diaper changes and walks (bundling up a baby for temperatures that are in the teens or even single digits takes forever!) and laundry and breastfeeding sessions that sometimes feel like they are nonstop. I do manage to make some simple food every day, even if it’s just oatmeal or a sheet pan of roasted veggies, do the dishes once in 24 hours, and shower almost every morning. I’d call that a success.

The pregnancy and the baby’s birth and the first three months of his life have of course been the biggest changes in our lives over the past year. However, there may be other changes coming down the pike. We will try to travel more (with my job, I could easily become a digital nomad), maybe even move. The latter would definitely make the name of this blog obsolete, wouldn’t it?

To be honest, I am not the one initiating these prospective changes; P. is. While I would love to travel, I have very mixed feelings about the possibility of leaving the valley behind for good. We’ve only been here 6 years, and it took us another 3-4 years or so to plan our move here. This was a dream come true, for both of us. I remember our first New Year’s here, when we were still in the process of moving. We could not believe our good fortune; could not believe that we were really saying goodbye to 2015 and greeting 2016 in a cabin off a rural road outside of Twisp, with snow drifts up to our windows – a cabin that we could call home for at least the next year, that was going to serve as our foothold in the Methow.

So, I try not to think about leaving forever. Instead, I’m focusing on new adventures that may await us, travel within the States and abroad. The Methow feels like a second home to me. I’ve met some really special people here. And, the natural environment in this little valley nestled up against the North Cascades continues to amaze with its beauty. There are so many trails here I haven’t hiked, so many mountains I haven’t climbed, meadows I haven’t walked through. And, it is a great place for a kid to grow up. I hope that the Methow remains a sort of a home base for us, always, or at least for many years. But, the reality is that we may end up leaving – and possibly coming back after some time away. Stay tuned!


somewhere to go

When I last checked in here, a few months ago, I wanted to do a traditional “taking stock of the past year” kind of post, but instead ended up writing mostly about money. We were in a tough spot at the time, having lost our housemate shortly after taking out a second debt consolidation loan in order to finally get serious about paying down our credit cards. In my post, I wondered how we would make it work, but somehow had a feeling that, in one way or another, we would. Continue reading

on the cusp

I came up with the title for this post before starting to draft the post itself (a reversal from my usual protocol, as I am notoriously bad at coming up with catchy titles and usually leave this annoying task until I’m about to hit “publish”) and immediately had a sense of deja vu about it. It was strong enough that I actually went through all of my previous posts to make sure I hadn’t used this title previously. Nope, I had not. Still, the feeling is familiar, as it seems like we are often “on the cusp” of something: a move, a home purchase, a trip, or some other change. Or maybe it’s just that these moments put me in a more reflective mood, hence all the posts that could have been named the same as today’s. Continue reading

creekside thoughts

I am typing this post on the bank of a rushing creek, which runs through a corner of the Methow Valley that we recently discovered. Of course, there is no internet here, so I won’t post this until I go online, most likely tomorrow when I’m in town to use the wifi at the local bakery. I take that back – if we were like most people today and had smartphones, this post could go live five minutes after I finish composing it, as there is cell phone coverage just a quarter mile down the road. However, being the luddites that we are, there will be a bit of a lag between writing and posting. Continue reading

speeding up? treading water?

I have much to write about (a rare occurrence) but little time (my constant refrain). I also continue to feel conflicted regarding how much to disclose on this blog as I have no idea who may be reading it. This makes it tough to be completely open about many aspects of our lives, and without such openness, I frankly don’t know whether it makes much sense to maintain this blog. I do keep coming back to this space, though, and it is on my mind much more often than the few times a year that I actually get to sit down and write, so perhaps there is some reason to keep it going after all, even if I don’t yet know what it is. Continue reading